What to Do : Tampa / St. Pete

What to Do : Tampa / St. Pete

Courses are held in St. Petersburg, Florida. While you’re in town for these events there are numerous things to do. Check out events.stpete.org to find all the events held during your time of stay. Below are lists of places to go on your free time while attending these courses:


St. Pete Beach

Beautiful St. Pete beach is located just 25 minutes from Jon Don’s Facility. Here you will find warm sand, numerous beach shops, a fantastic pier and on shore restaurants. This beach is calm and collective creating a relaxing environment for those who need to escape.

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The Florida Aquarium

Located about 35 minutes from Jon Don’s Facility, the Florida Aquarium is a place you must visit. Pet stingrays and touch living anemones in one of the most visited aquariums in the country.

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The Dali Museum

Visit the museum of one of the most well known surrealist artists just 15 minutes away from Jon Don’s facility. Here you will be captivated by this legend’s artwork and how he became so famous.

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The Tropicana Field

St. Pete is home to the Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Ray’s play. This area is home to lots of baseball lovers and its only 15 minutes away from your area of stay.

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Skyway Fishing Pier

Bring your fishing gear, because you will be very close to the world’s longest pier that is open 24/7. See for miles at the top of this bridge and enjoy a north and south side fishing option below the bridge.

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St. Petersburg

There are so many things to do in St. Petersburg you will not find yourself needing. To find more information on what to do in St. Pete visit stpete.org

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