David Herring

David Herring

Tues. May 17th & Wed. May 18th

I am first and foremost an Estimator for Construction, Mitigation, and Insurance Claims. I have decades of experience in project estimation, sales, and negotiation. I spend my life in support Contractors and Adjusters, specifically helping them produce winning estimates.


I typically do more than 150 Million in estimates each year. This means I do a great deal more estimation than most anyone. The amount I estimate is directly relative to the skill it creates. I have learned the art and the science of dealing with every carrier and every type of client.

Clients who work with me generally report a 20-50% increase in business. These aren’t my numbers, it is what is reported with regularity.

My team at Xactloss works with me to satisfy even the most difficult estimate or support for our clients. We very quietly work to give those we serve a incredible advantage in building business.

While we work for profits, we mostly just love to work for the good people. If you are someone we can appreciate for your passion for your client’s success, we should get along great!

CEO, Estimator for Insurance Claims, Construction, & Mitigation.
  • WriteLoss™ Inc. (WriteLoss.com)
    2000 – Present

    WriteLosss Inc. writes Xactimate Reports for Contractors, Adjusters, and Attorneys. We also provide various claims back office support for supplements, recoverable depreciation, notice of loss and other claims management support. It is important to note that WriteLosss Inc. is not a claims adjusting firm and does not adjust claims. We are a rare type of company. Our partners have more than 46 years of construction, claims management, and various support for the entire insurance claim process. First and foremost, we estimate. We produce over $260 Million in estimates annually and quietly provide a powerful service, supporting insured, and our client’s bottom line.

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