Our Speakers

Dick Wagner

Tuesday May 17th

Dick Wagner has served the restoration industry for over 16 years, providing disaster recovery services to both regional and national clients.

Stephan Boehringer

Tuesday May 17th

Stephan Boehringer, owner of Get The Clicks, has created a web marketing agency which has built over 2300 web applications since 2002.

David Herring

Tues. May 17th & Wed. May 18th

I typically do more than 150 Million in estimates each year. This means I do a great deal more estimation than most anyone.

Taylor A. Cates

Thursday May 19th

Taylor has been a frequent speaker on intellectual property topics, developments in media and defamation law, and trial practice and procedure.

Scott Friedson

Texas Policyholder Advocates Executive Director July 2015 to Present Scott Friedson is a Texas licensed public adjuster and consumer advocate for residential and commercial property insurance consumers (policyholders).